UPDATE: Police confirmed one task force member dies in foiled in cash-in-transit robbery


The police have confirmed that one task force member has died in tonighr’s foiled heist.

UPDATE AT 10.05pm

Two task force members died and two others were critically injured during a foiled cash-in-transit heist involving many robbers.

Five robbers were apparently shot and five were arrested according to current information.

The task force apparently found explosives and AK47s weapons in a Mercedes Benz.

The police and task force are apparently tending to various crime scenes at the moment and one vehicle used by the robbers were found in Leandra.

According to information received just now, the robbers had used five cars to commit the crime.

The police general is on his way to the scene.

More information will follow.

KINROSS – A shooting took place a few moments ago on the road at the water tanks towards Kriel.

The shooting involved the Task Force and suspected criminals.

The road is closed and motorists should avoid it.

Secunda Cluster and Task Force are on scene.

Levhuwani Matumba

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