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Families of Pakistan missing bloggers deny blasphemy charges

The families of two missing Pakistani bloggers claimed their loved ones were innocent on Wednesday after a virulent social media campaign painted the activists as blasphemers deserving execution under the country’s draconian laws.

Brazil troops sent to ‘clean’ restive prisons

Brazilian authorities said Wednesday they are deploying 1,000 troops to “clean out” arms and cellphones from restive prisons while police struggled to end a deadly gang face-off in one northern penitentiary.

Erdogan faces weak economy in path to greater power

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is closer to getting a power boost after parliament’s first approval of a bill to change the constitution, but the flagging economy could present an unexpected roadblock.

Xi calls for world without nuclear weapons

Nations should strive for a world where nuclear weapons are prohibited and where existing stocks are destroyed, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a speech at the United Nations Wednesday.

Obama holds farewell press conference

US President Barack Obama will give his final presidential press conference Wednesday, a traditionally mild-mannered ritual given fresh political weight by the rocky handover to Donald Trump.

Brexit: the view from Brussels

Theresa May’s proposals for a hard Brexit have met a mixed response in the European Union, where it always takes 28 countries to tango, and where many feel Britain may be dancing with two left feet.