Charity organisations take action against poor services

Representatives from Highveld Social Services who handed in letters to a national telephone company, are (in front) Ms Zodwa Luhlanga, Ms Susan Bouwer, Ms Bernice Fourie and Ms Pam Kotze. At the back are Mr Edward Moutlana, Ms Sonja Smit, Ms Karlien Bierman, Ms Ilse Cooper, Ms Karen Asia and Ms Vernice Richards.

Representatives from charity organisations, schools and primary schools in the Besterecta area handed in letters to a national telephone company on Thursday, 26 October.

This comes after these organisations have been without phones and Internet since July.

They have been calling the company regularly, only to hear that the problem was noted, however it seemed as though nothing had been done about the problem.

They were also told there were no cables and the company did send out workers, but the problem was not fixed.

“Now we will not know how many people we were not able to help because they could not reach us.”

These organisations still had to pay a monthly fee for the past four months although they did not have Internet and could not use their phones.


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Jana Oosthuizen

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