Freedom is not free

Freedom is not the free social grants and free government houses they dish out to some of the people.

Freedom is not free and freedom has not yet come.

Freedom is not the BBEE tenders they give to people who are expected to come and fund the political campaigns.

Freedom is not the food parcels they give to poor voters every three years.

Freedom has yet to come.

We can’t talk of freedom if the poor of the land are not in control of the land, the economy and the wealth of their land.

We can’t talk of freedom if the blacks are still insulted, discriminated and humiliated in the work place.

Freedom is not free, this is not yet freedom.

Young people are roaming the worn streets of the labour reserve camps (townships) without any opportunities to get jobs.

If whites are still regarded as more intelligent than fellow black workers, let me say it loud that it is not yet uhuru.

What is the use of having the country, but not its economy?

A white boy with only matric is called to come and lead the team of experienced black workers, how do we say we have attained freedom?

We refuse to celebrate the so called Freedom Day….

Sbu Hlolweni, human rights activist.

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