Knowledge is the key to customer satisfaction

Mr Mohammed Nana of The Bed Shop believes customer service and a wide range of products is the key to business success.

TRICHARDT – The Bed Shop has been the local bedding specialist since 2009.

With nearly 10 years of specialized bedding and furniture sale experience, this thriving business, owned and managed by Mr Mohammed Nana and his brother, Mr Yusuf Nana, forms part of The Bedshop franchise, currently the biggest specialist bedding franchise in South Africa.

Recently, The Bedshop in Trichardt has doubled its floor space and Mr Nana explained their decision to expand.

“We no longer just sell beds and bedding.

“We also stock furniture, such as lounge and dining room sets, and we have a selection of other furniture as well.

“The store next to our original store became available and we decided to use this opportunity to expand.”

Both brothers are committed to the business and are usually to be found on the shop floor.

“We are committed to our customers and will always be available to assist with anything, from the initial sale all the way to sorting out the delivery of their purchase.”

Mr Nana believes his business has the most to offer customers when it comes to their bedding and furniture needs, not only because of his experience and strength of The Bed Shop franchise, but also because of the extensive training he has received in this field.

“Product knowledge is what gives the customer peace of mind.”

For more information, contact The Bed Shop in Trichardt at 017 638 1233.

Willemien Aukema

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