Suspect shot in Secunda

Police and emergency services attend to an alleged robber that was shot on 2 November. (Photo: ER24)

SECUNDA – A robber who attempted to break into the house of a police officer in Secunda on Wednesday, 2 November was shot once in his left thigh.

According to W/O Gamede from the Secunda Police, the housebreaking happened at approximately 12.25pm.

Helen Joseph Drive in Secunda was closed between Trichardt Road and Jan Smuts Avenue for the majority of Wednesday afternoon, as police processed the crime scene that consisted of the house where the attempted breaking happened and the place where the man fell after being shot.

The suspect was tended to by paramedics and was then transferred under heavy police guard to Evander Hospital for further treatment.

On Monday, 7 November the man was still under heavy police guard in the hospital and a case of housebreaking has been opened.

According to Capt Bettina Zondo, communications officer of the Secunda Police, the suspect might face additional charges and police are still investigating the events of Wednesday.

She once more urged the public to report any suspicious activities and to take steps to keep their homes and possessions safe.

“When you buy electronic appliances, make sure that you keep the certificate with the serial number or even mark your appliances, because the police do recover stolen goods, but cannot return them to owners without confirmation of ownership.

“If you have an alarm system, activate it during the day when you are not there and keep doors, windows and gates locked.”

Finally, she asked the public to always make sure of the origin of second-hand goods they are buying.

“We know that stolen goods are being sold and unless we take away the market for these illegal activities, the problem will not only remain, but will also get worse.”

Willemien Aukema

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