Evander High School sends off the Class of 2016 in style

Mbulelo Shoba and Ncebakozi Nqopuekana hoped to have fun with their fellow classmates.

SECUNDA – Evander High School held its matric farewell dance at the Graceland Hotel, Casino and Country Club on Thursday, 30 November.

Educators, proud parents and siblings converged in front of the venue and cheered as each couple began their walk down the red carpet.

The crowds particularly enjoyed it when the drivers of the luxury cars dropping off the couples, revved up their engines and treated the spectators to the rumble of their six or eight cylinders.

The young women attending the event spared no expense and the red carpet was alight with colour, textures and the glisten of jewelry.

Each young man also took great care with their appearances, from the decidedly fancy shoes to the impressive geometrically precise haircuts and accessories like sunglasses and cravats.

Although the evening began with a characteristic Highveld thunderstorm, the rain abated and stayed away just long enough for every couple to make their way safely into the hall.

The evening was awash with colour and the entryway and main hall were decorated with bright fabric and cardboard cutouts.

As the wind picked up, a mother, hugging her daughters, was overheard saying: “Take everything in, this night is yours.”

Willemien Aukema

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