DIY Christmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree has got to be one of the most enjoyable activities during the festive period for both young and old.

However, if you’re not planning on buying a Christmas tree or cutting one down, you could always make your own Christmas tree which will create the same Christmas atmosphere in your home.

Here are a few DIY Christmas tree ideas:

  • Egg Carton Christmas tree – Don’t throw away your used egg cartons. Instead, collect them, paint them (preferably green) so it resembles the colour of a Christmas Tree and stack them up to form your tree. This is a really fun way to keep your kids occupied and allow them to use their creative side.


egg carton xmas tree


  • Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree – Collect some rolls of wrapping paper and place them on a small box and stack them against a wall



wrapping gift tree


  • Balloon Christmas Tree – Blow up some balloons and form the shape of a Christmas tree. Remember to tie them onto a piece of string.


balloon tree

  • Wall Collection Christmas Tree – Get creative and stick your favourite pictures or items on a wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. This will add a sentimental element to your “Christmas Tree”

wall collection tree


  • Dry Wood Christmas Tree – Stack some blocks of dry wood in the shape of a Christmas Tree and add some touches to it by adding your own décor.

dry wood tree



  • Poster Christmas Tree- Merely print out a large sized image of a Christmas tree and hang it on your wall


*Pictures sourced from Pinterest

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