5  joys of being a Christmas baby

Being a Christmas baby, there are many advantages of being born on this popular holiday.

Here are five reasons why it’s great being born on Christmas.

  1. No one forgets your birthday – Christmas is one of the most anticipated days of the year for many people. Even to the non-religious, it’s a looming holiday no one forgets. That’s a bonus to you being born on Christmas. No one needs a Facebook reminder to wish you “Happy Birthday”!


  1. It’s always a relaxed day due to the fact that it’s a public holiday – One of the best parts of having your birthday on Christmas is that you are never working or at school on your special day. Think about it; you never even have to write an exam on your birthday. You’re certainly fortunate in these circumstances.


  1. Because it is part of the festive season, family is usually around, which adds to the happy atmosphere. Christmas always means a long weekend, which extends the fun.


  1. Being close to the New Year, your birthday goals and New Year resolutions can begin simultaneously – A new year of your life is usually accompanied by ambitions for the year ahead. Considering the fact that your birthday is 6 days before the New Year begins provides perfect timing for many goals to be accomplished.


  1. ‘Guilting’ your parents into giving you double the presents – It’s a 24-hour extravaganza for you, because you celebrate your birthday and Christmas on one day! This is the perfect opportunity for you to be spoilt with cash and prezzies in double the quantity!

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