Gift wrapping tricks

Although the Christmas vibe can be extremely exciting when it involves buying gifts for your loved ones, a major element that can put you off can be gift wrapping, mostly because it tends to be time consuming.

However, this task doesn’t have to be tedious at all.

  1. To efficiently wrap gifts, use a hard surface, it will be easier and take up less time as opposed to doing so in front of the television or on the couch.
  2. Re-purpose old, itchy sweaters. They give it a warm personal touch
  3. If your gift is an odd shape, decorate a paper bag as gift wrap.
  4. Wrap gifts in newspaper, it’s a unique look and doesn’t cost much at all. Everyone had old newspapers lying around
  5. Re use paper bags from the grocery store.



You can also use plain brown paper bags or parcel paper.


Use a DIY stamp roller to create easy wrapping designs


Turn boring, plain paper into cute animal gifts



“Make your own wrapping” by drawing ribbons and a bow on a plain gift box.


Pics sourced from Pinterest


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