DIY Christmas Crackers

When it comes to celebrating the festive season in terms of decorating your home and Christmas tree, there’s really no reason to go overboard with spending huge amounts of money.

All it takes for you to create a perfect festive atmosphere around your home is a little creativity.

Christmas crackers, for instance are a must, especially if you have little ones running around. Create your own Christmas crackers by adding your personal touch to it.

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be amazed at how simple and cost efficient it actually is


  • The inners of toilet paper rolls,
  • Christmas paper or fabric and ribbon.
  • Any small item or fun comments to include inside the cracker itself


  1. Cut the paper/fabric large enough to roll comfortably around the toilet roll inners and enough to extend past the inners on the outside, allowing extra space for tying the ribbon).
  2. Use one full size inner plus another one cut in half; one on either side. Place the inners onto your paper or fabric. Fill the centre inner, lay the two half-size on either side (allow about 30mm space on either side) and roll the paper or fabric over.
  3. Now tie with ribbon on either side of the centre inner. You might need some help with this. Decorate the Christmas cracker with ribbon, paper doilies, buttons, etc.

When it comes to filling the crackers, you are spoilt for choice. Print some little jokes, find some paper hats, a sticker, some choc coins, little toys or gimmicks which you can find at any craft or toy shop, sweets, you name it. You can really have fun finding fillers.




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