Municipality crippled by vandals

Vandalism forces the municipality to spend money on repairs and maintenance that was earmarked for other projects.

Govan Mbeki Municipality is urging the community to take ownership of municipal infrastructures.

According to Mr Bheki Kubheka, municipal spokesman, various parts of the municipal infrastructure have been targeted by vandals, causing Council to spend hundreds of thousands of rand earmarked for other projects, on necessary repairs and replacements.

“The recurrence of theft and vandalism has had a direct adverse affect on service delivery, especially the electricity and water supply, as damaged infrastructure is often one of the main causes of water and power outages.”

Some areas have been affected by blackouts and water supply interruptions for days due to theft, vandalism and abuse of crucial infrastructure.

“Some of the types of vandalism seem to indicate the violators are just being mischievous, but these acts still carry consequences.

“Road signs are often defaced with paint or are simply broken off or are stolen.

“Offensive remarks are painted on municipal buildings and on electrical substations.

“The municipality suffers a lot of damage through the theft of manhole covers, the theft or damage of water meters and drains that are blocked because all kinds of items are thrown into them.

“This is unacceptable as these are essential services that residents should be getting, but that are interrupted by vandals.

“It is the responsibility of the municipality to ensure these infrastructures are taken care of so they can serve their purpose.”

Willemien Aukema

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