Kinross clinic in shambles

Pipes at the Kinross clinic needs to be replaced.

Residents said the local clinic is deteriorating, is too small and cannot accommodate all the residents of the area.

“Our waiting area is outside in the sun and to make it worse, the pipes that feeds the waste from the bathroom to the sewer are old and broken,” said a woman who visited the clinic recently.

“The sewage flows out of the pipes and cause a terrible smell.”

Other patients who visit the clinic more often to get their chronic medication, said they always see people trying to fix the pipes but it does not help, because the pipes need to be replaced, not fixed.

Residents used to enjoy the services offered at the clinic, but the Department of Health moved the clinic to a small structure.

Some said this was mistake, because nurses waste time by having to run from the consultation structure to the old building to get medication after every consultation.

Only one person also works with the files.

The Department of Health failed to comment.

Levhuwani Matumba

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