Samwu wants all vacancies filled

Members from Samwu marched against the municipality on Tuesday, 28 March.

As divided as they were, the South African Municipal Workers’ Union (Samwu) eventually handed over their memorandum in March.

On the day of the march, Samwu members gathered outside the Lillian Ngoyi Centre and sang revolutionary songs in preparation of handing over their memorandum to the executive mayor, Ms Flora Maboa-Boltman.

However hell broke when other members realised there were placards implicating Mr Mmela Mahlangu, former municipal manager.

The concerned workers vigorously confronted the leadership and called on them to tear up the placards.

“Leave Mmela out of this, we are not here to fight political battles.

“We are here to fight labour issues, not politics.

“Do not use us to fight your battles.

“Mr Mahlangu is no longer working for the institutions.

“Ayi suka mani (leave us alone), we are fed up with being used,” said a woman in defense of Mr Mahlangu.

This divided the marchers and the argument nearly became physical, however the leadership managed to calm down the situation.

The placards were taken away.

In the memorandum Samwu said they are sick and tired of the terrible challenges faced by its workers.

They said a lack of tools and safety precautions must come to an end.

The abuse of power by politicians and the lack of transformation in the middle and lower management must cease.

“The inability of the institution to pursue legal means and to investigate the allegations contained in the AG’s report implicating those who are breaking the law, must be addressed.

“The appointing of service providers without following the right procedure, must stop.

“The conventional way of introducing corruption through the back door during recruitment such head hunting is sickening, it is nepotism.

“The employer must stop using workers to do the work of service providers,” stated the memorandum.

The union demanded that danger and travelling allowance be given to traffic officers and other deserving members.

They demanded that Council adheres to the work place skills development plan and not use the money allocated to it for other operations.

They demanded the report and the findings of the municipal public account committee be followed and criminal charges be levelled against those implicated.

They demanded Council fills all the vacancies with immediate effect to avoid staff shortages.

The memorandum was received Mr Anthony Makhaye who apologised that the mayor was not available to receive it, because she had a meeting with Samwu’s provincial leadership.

Sifiso Mathebula

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