‘Hefty’ fuel hike, Big space rock, Leopard population ‘crashing’: Your Wednesday Briefing

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Local or breaking news

• Valskermspringer land op Graceland se gholfbaan

Valskermspringer het nie ’n ander keuse gehad as om op die gholfbaan te land nie.

• Leechelle se operasie ’n groot sukses

Die oor-, neus- en keelspesialis wat haar geopereer, het, het ingestem om sy deel van die operasie verniet te doen.

This follows an announcement that petrol is expected to increase by 42c a litre and diesel by 39c a litre next month.

• New study shows elephant numbers down by 75%

It is estimated that protected areas have just a quarter of the elephants they should have, mostly due to pervasive poaching.

 • WATCH: Residents help themselves to goods from overturned truck

After it overturned, passersby informed friends to which they helped themselves to scattered crates, containing milk, juice, and yoghurt.

• Key leopard population ‘crashing’, study warns

• Limpopo man found ‘sucking blood’ from victim

• Big space rock to streak past Earth on Wednesday

An asteroid stretching 650 metres (2,000 feet) across is on track to whoosh past Earth on Wednesday at a safe — but uncomfortably close — distance, according to astronomers.

A French artist who has spent three weeks sitting on 10 eggs hatched his first chick Tuesday.

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