Herdsman tells Highveld Ridge SPCA severely injured cow is only lazy

Highveld Ridge SPCA officials had to kill this injured cow because it had sustained severe injuries.

EVANDER – The Highveld Ridge SPCA responded to a call from local emergency services about a cow that was injured and was lying next to the road between Secunda and Evander just after 4pm today.

At first glance no injuries could be seen as she was lying on the injured leg.

An SPCA staff member contacted the herdsman whose cow it was and was told the animal was only being lazy.

The SPCA inspectorate decided to go to the animal regardless and police officers on the scene confirmed that her back left leg was badly broken.

The extent of the injury was such that they could do nothing for the animal, that was in severe pain and showing signs of fear and exhaustion.

A captive bolt was used and the animal was humanely slaughtered.

According to the SPCA inspector on the scene, the animal did not appear to have been struck by a car, but had broken its leg after stepping into an open manhole on the side of the road.

The cow fell down about two metres from this open manhole and did not move from there.

Willemien Aukema

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