Residents upset by non communicated water cuts

Thistle Grove residents have been experiencing water interruptions since last week.

They were not informed of the interruptions beforehand by the municipality.

Some households did not have complete water cuts, but had low water pressure and water thus did not reach inside their homes.

The water was only available from outside taps and residents were wondering whether there were water restrictions or maybe was a problem with the water pipes.

Some were concerned because they have people who help them with their laundry, but when they arrive there is no water and they cannot work.

“The municipality should inform us about water restrictions and interruptions so we can make proper plans, especially with the people who help us with the laundry,” said the woman, who further mentioned that the helpers are also affected because they cannot pay them if they do not do their work.

The municipality was contacted for a comment and they said there was a problem with one of the pipes, but that it has been solved.

Levhuwani Matumba

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