Evander Hospital treated me very well

In light of the negative articles that have been raised regarding Evander Hospital, I would like to give you a little insight into my pregnancy.

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At first I went for two monthly check-ups at the Evander Clinic, I started with these visits when I reached 26 weeks of my pregnancy.

I received fantastic service from the nurses, they treated me very well and were always professional towards me.

They really took good care of me, I had problems with my blood pressure during my pregnancy and the nurses made sure I had enough medication and urged me to come for weekly check-ups every Thursday from 32 weeks of pregnancy.

They always made sure that I understood the what, where and when.

I was always greeted with a smile and the staff were all very friendly.

At 36 weeks I was moved to the Evander Hospital Maternity Ward as I was nearing my due date.

My first appointment was a lengthy waiting period, but this was only due to my arrival after 11 that morning and the doctors were quite busy in theatre with deliveries.

From the start I was treated professionally and with respect.

The staff were friendly with every visit and assisted me with anything I needed.

When I needed medication, they made sure I received it.

I was asked by my doctor to make sure I attend my weekly visits as he needs to ensure my health stays in good condition.

I was referred to Witbank Hospital due to BMI and very high blood pressure.

I slept over in Evander Hospital’s maternity Wwrd for one night to ensure I travel with hospital transport to Witbank.

The night I slept over, I was given a bed, but was asked that due to a shortage I should bring a pillow and blanket with.

During the night I was monitored by the nurses and was treated very well.

The morning when I woke up, I had a nice hot bath and was given breakfast.

They do not serve coffee, but when I asked the nurses for some, they immediately assisted and gave me a nice hot cup of coffee.

We travelled to Witbank and was accommodated by a senior nurse who made sure we were helped quickly and that we went for all the check-ups that were necessary.

The drivers also treated us very well and ensured we were comfortable for the journey to and from Witbank.

With every visit that I attended at Evander Clinic and Evander Hospital’s maternity ward, I was treated very well.

I felt that the nurses and doctors really cared for me and my baby’s health throughout my pregnancy and ensured we were in good health at all times.

The day and night staff were friendly, helpful and professional.

My C-section was done in Witbank in January due to serious health problems and my doctor at Evander Hospital Maternity Ward decided that for my and my baby’s health it would be best suited.

Upon my discharge, I went to Evander Hospital’s maternity ward to greet all the staff and show off my beautiful baby boy.

They all took a moment to see him and to congratulate us on our baby.

The nurses asked me if I am feeling well and if my baby is drinking well, and asked if I was given medication to ensure my recovery is as comfortable as possible.

They insisted that should I have any difficulty with feeding or was feeling any pain, I should please come to the hospital and that they would assist me.

Never once was I made to feel that I was treated bad or that the staff was rude or ignorant of anything I asked.

They always made sure that I understood what was going on and that I understood the full state of my health and that of my baby.

Personally, I give the nurses and doctors of Evander Hospital Maternity Ward a hundred thumbs up!

Sonja Swart, Secunda.

Willemien Aukema

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