5 Things to do when calling Govan Mbeki Municipality’s call centre to lodge a complaint

Ena Van Rooyen, DA councillor, informed readers on the Secunda Utility Services Forum how to lodge a complaint at the Govan Mbeki Municipality call centre.

Here are the call centre’s numbers:

080 060 0002
080 060 0004

When calling the call centre to lodge a complaint:

1. Write down the name of the person you are speaking to.

2. Provide them with your street name and the nearest house number to the problem.

3. Keep your description of the problem short and relevant.

4. Get a reference number for the lodged complaint to ensure that it will be easy to follow up. The centre should sms it to you, if the system is working, or give you a number over the phone.

5. If nothing has been done regarding the problem in seven days, contact your relevant ward councillor and give them all the details with your reference number and name to ensure that the issue gets the necessary attention.

Water and electricity problems should be handled as urgent, therefore let your ward councillor know immediately.


Monique Fourie

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