Pay up or be named and shamed – Govan Mbeki Municipality

Govan Mbeki Municipality is taking drastic measures in an attempt to collect debts owed to it by local businesses.

In a media statement dated 9 May, the senior manager of the office of the municipal manager, Mr Bheki Kubheka, explained the reasoning behind this zero tolerance approach.

“Govan Mbeki Municipality is still working to collect all outstanding municipal debts through the mayoral operation called Koleka di koloto (Kodiko), a SeSotho phrase meaning collecting debts.”

According to Mr Kubheka, Govan Mbeki Municipality is warning the public of its intention to name and shame all businesses and individuals who are owing the municipality millions of rands.

“The municipality will have no choice but to name and shame all the businesses which are failing to honour their municipal debt, and publish their names in the local newspapers and all media platforms.


Read the article in this weeks Ridge Times.

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Willemien Aukema

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