8 hilarious headlines gone wrong

1.Crocodiles go hungry due to shortage of tourists

I am sure the crocodiles were not being fed tourists. Or were they?

2. City unsure why the sewer smells

Mmmm, I can think of a couple of reasons.


3. Homicide victims rarely talk to police

We would hope so.

4. Diana was still alive hours before she died

No comment!

5. Cow urine makes for juicy lemons

Anyone in the mood for some lemonade?

6. Think of a headline 56 pt bold headline

We hope the journalist or editor didn’t get into too much trouble for this one. Maybe they just wanted their readers to assist?

7. Bugs flying around with wings are flying bugs

OH really?

8. City Council runs out of time to discuss shorter meetings

Where does the time go?


We hope you enjoy the articles.

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Monique Fourie

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