KaSlevana Farm dwellers struggle to get water when municipal water truck does not pitch up

Mr Adam Mofokeng hopes Govan Mbeki Municipality’s water truck will bring fresh water more often.

Without water, life is becoming increasingly difficult for the KaSlevana Farm residents.

The farm is situated a few kilometres outside eMbalenhle.

Residents do not have household or communal taps and depend on Govan Mbeki Municipal’s water truck to delivery water.

The truck however does not come regularly.

Locals use water cans and drums to store the water in.

They complained it has become difficult to continue with their daily activities without water or to save water, because they do not know when they will get the opportunity to get fresh water.

Battle for water

They raised the issue with the municipality, but nothing has changed.

“We have lost hope that we will win this battle.

“Water is a basic need and we urge the municipality to do something about it.”

Residents often have to rent bakkies to fetch water from eMbalenhle when the municipal water truck does not arrive.

They were introduced to Mr Douglas Mahlangu as their councillor, but said he denied he was their councillor when they asked him to intervene.

Mr Mahlangu disputed this and lambasted the farm dwellers for being dishonest and for lying.

“I had a community meeting in March for which only eight people pitched up.

“I also attended a funeral in April and delivered a speech on behalf of Council.”

He said the municipal water truck now delivers water to the farm more often.

“The last time it delivered water was on 22 May.”

Sifiso Mathebula

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