Secunda Ward 5 committee takes road safety into their own hands

Mr Laurence Taylor checks the position of one of the flashing solar lights.

After receiving many complaints about the traffic circles in Nelson Mandela Drive that are often overlooked by motorists at night, the Ward 5 committee decided to take action.

The situation was made worse by a lack of street lights in the area and another motorist misjudged the circle and drove straight over it last week.

The skid marks from his vehicle and various small plastic parts were still visible on Tuesday, 6 June.

Four flashing solar lights were sponsored by Five Star Spar and the Ward 5 committee installed these lights last week.

The other lights that were installed on the circles in Nelson Mandela Drive, were donated by Ward 5 committee members, but at more than a thousand rand for a set of four lights, the ward had asked residents and businesses to donate towards the road safety project.

According to Ms Mariaan Chamberlain, Ward 5 councillor, each ward must undertake a community project to address a specific problem in their wards and to improve their community.

Thus far, the Ward 5 committee has made an impact, but Ms Chamberlain explained that without donations they would be unable to do much more for now.

“We need the community’s involvement to complete this project and residents need to come together to help make our roads safer.”

If you are interested, you can contact Ms Chamberlain at 082 850 1567.

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Willemien Aukema

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