YCLSA calls for an end to corruption

Mr Bethuel Zunguza called for the police to resign.

The Youth Day celebration hosted by the Young Communist League of South Africa (YCLSA) uFasimba at the Juda Tsotetsi Ward in eMbalenhle saw various leaders from the ANC alliance partners calling for the end of what they call Sgudlarisation of the province.

Mr Sbusiso Sgudla was accused of benefiting from government tenders at the expense of the poor.

Mr Obama Letsimo also blamed the municipality of failing to resolve the sewer crises, while there are people who benefitted from the tenders.

He further said the YCLSA fights against corruption and the high murder rate.

“There are people who get bodyguards for free, but our secretary’s life was once in jeopardy and we even reported it, but nothing was done to ensure his safety.”

Mr Saul Vilakazi from the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) was welcomed with song and dance when he gave a message of support.

He also spoke against corruption and added that many lives were lost because of tenders within the municipality.

During his speech he mentioned that a former Govan Mbeki Municipal CFO is still missing although his car was found in Malawi.

Mr Sibusiso Mbuli said companies must be investigated to make sure young women are not used for looting money.

Mr Sbusiso Mbuli from the South African Communist Party said young people should be careful concerning another form of women abuse.

He said leaders and business people use young women to register their companies for them to loot money from the tenders.

He referred to it as white-collar abuse and called for investigation.

Mr Bethuel Zunguza from Congress of South African Students (Cosas) slammed the police and called for them to resign because they are “useless”.

He blamed the police of only responding when people on social media put pressure on them.

Mr Zunguza urged foreigners to return to their countries.

“We will never allow people from other countries to come and destroy our country.”

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