Mayor blames non payers for council’s lack of good service delivery

Ms Flora Maboa-Boltman was speaking at the Secunda Cluster prize-giving on Friday, 23 June at Sasol Secunda Club.

She said Council is facing serious challenges while the real culprits are living normal lives.

She said the municipality has been viewed negatively and people believe the municipality does not deliver.

“People have forgotten that delivery costs money and without it, we cannot delivery services.

“For example, Ward 1 in eMbalenhle owes the municipality R19-million just for one month.

“Residents steal electricity, do illegal connections, and all sort of other bad things.

“We launched a project in an attempt to address these problems, but the media wrote gave it bad publicity.

“They said it is a nonsensical project.”

Ms Maboa-Boltman said it is unfortunate that big businesses and government officials are among the non payers.

Govan Mbeki Municipality has escaped several threats from Eskom regarding bulk power cuts, however Council had managed to negotiate a payment plan.

The municipality also owes Rand Water millions of a rand and in March it unfolded that Council was failing to pay the Rand Water debt because it made a large payment to Eskom.

Ms Maboa-Boltman said the municipality defaulted on the payment due to a lack in the cash flow and she blames those who have illegal connections or refuse to pay their own accounts.

“Operation Kodiko was doing something positive, but was critised.

“I encourage everybody to be responsible citizens of this municipality and pay for services rendered.”


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