ANC apologises at Govan Mbeki Municipal MMC Mtsweni’s funeral

Mr Themba Mtsweni dies on 25 June and was buried on 1 July.

Themba Mtsweni, Govan Mbeki Municipal MMC of Finance, was buried on Saturday, 1 July at the Secunda Cemetery.

He died on Sunday, 25 June weeks after he collapsed at the municipal offices.

Mr Mtsweni was described as an intelligent and brave man by his family and comrades.

In a letter of tribute written by his wife, she said when Mr Mtsweni collapsed she thought it was an asthma attack, but was shocked when doctors told her her husband had been poisoned.

She said her husband died for the truth and that he will be a hero in heaven.

“I will always miss and love you, my husband. We will continue where you ended and raise our children the way you wanted us to.”

Mr Mtsweni joined the ANC in 1998 and was elected as branch chairman in 2004.

Since then he had never looked back and climb the ladder of political success until he became an MMC at Govan Mbeki Municipality.

Mr Sibusi Sgudla, speaking on behalf of the ANC, said Mr Mtsweni was a dedicated comrade and was committed to unite Govan Mbeki Municipality.

He said he was not afraid of political debate.

“We do not want to use his funeral to discuss political differences, but to give him a dignified send off.

“We apologise to the family that we might have offended you. We apologise that a decision was made to remove him from his position in the finance department while he was still alive.

“The policy of the ANC states clearly what should be done in a situation like this.

“However the municipal officials’ mistakes are our mistakes.”

Mr Mtsweni is survived by his wife, Ms Simangeke Mathebula-Mtsweni, three daughters, two sons and two grandchildren.

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