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Ms Farirai Sanyika at the Blyde River Canyon.

Ms Farirai Sanyika is a proud gallivanter who tries to inspire other people to travel through her blog on

“I am a chemical engineer by profession and creative at heart.

“I spend my day in overalls and a hard hat and then enjoy sharing my travel experience through blogging after work,” said Ms Sanyika, who is also proud of her name Farirai which means be happy in Shona.

Ms Sanyika also happens to be an ardent photographer and her photos complement her work and make it easy for people to follow her journeys.

Her passion for writing was inspired by the response she got from her followers on social media and some of her work was also featured on different travelling pages.

Last year alone, she managed to do five international trips to Italy, France, England, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.

When asked which was her favourite destination, she said: “It is difficult to say, because each country is unique, but Venice in Italy took my breath away. It looked the way I saw it online.”

Ms Sanyika added that she enjoyed every country she visited, because each has something unique to offer.

She further admitted that local travelling is just as thrilling, because everywhere she goes there is something for her to see and to learn from.

Mpumalanga is a gem

In one of her blogs about Mpumalanga, she outlined how easy it is for people to be interested in travelling to other areas and forget their own areas.

She said “I have been living in Mpumalanga for nearly three years, but never took the time to explore it.

“I had no idea of the hidden gems in this province.”

During her visit to Eastern Mpumalanga, she encouraged people to visit Graskop and enjoy their unique way of making pancakes.

“It is so hard to choose which pancake to buy from their list of sweet and savoury options, but I went with the seasonal fruit pancake served with ice cream,” said Ms Sanyika.

Most of the places, such as God’s Window, charge a R10 entrance fee and the Lisbon Falls asks R5 access fee which is one of the best values for money she came across lately.

“I can’t think of much else I could do with R5 other than visiting the Lisbon Falls,” Ms Sanyika explained.

She further mentioned that Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg have a lot to offer, but people can also take the less travelled roads and discover something new and exciting.

Ms Farirai Sanyika at the Blyde River Canyon.

One of her explorations took her to Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape which is about two hours’ drive from Mthatha.

Ms Sanyika said it is a worthwhile destination for anyone looking for a unique coastal getaway to a natural, wonderful and undisturbed destination.

She has now been certified as a South African travel specialist after she completed a short course through the South African Tourism Board and has been to five of the nine provinces in the country.

She hopes to travel to the other provinces before the end of the year.

Ms Sanyika also aims to complete a course in graphic design which she believes will help improve the content of her blog.

She currently has 1 098 blog followers and has almost reached 2 000 followers on Instagram.

One of her main focuses will be based on revealing the most affordable places for South Africans to visit.

“So many blogs give us 10 reasons to go to places such as Paris. Everyone wants to visit Paris, but they need money to do so and that is why it is very important to also let them know of affordable places.”

Ms Sanyika’s future plans include establishing a travel company that will curate local trips for young adults, which will also help to take away the problem of planning and hopefully grow into an international company.

Her blog offers services such as travel collaborations, social media management, photo shoots and graphic design.

Travel fanatics can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest under the name Gophari.

Ms Sanyika would love to hear from other people about their travel experiences and their bucket-list destinations which can be shared on [email protected]

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