Poor infrastructure one reason for high crime rate

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) has raised concerns over the high rate of murders and crime in the area.

A murder is being reported nearly every week.

The CPF said the local police are facing many challenges which make it difficult for them to eradicate crime in the area.

Mr Joseph Mhlongo, chairman of the CPF, said manpower, limited resources such as transport and the capacity of the police station are the major problems.

He said without enough police officers and adequate resources the plight to eradicate crime remains only a wish.

“We have called on the authorities to seriously look into this matter.

“Crime is a problem in the area and the police cannot win this battle alone.

“We need other stakeholders to be involved and to help the police to make eMbalenhle a safe area for all to live in peacefully.”

Mr Mhlongo said bad roads, broken street lights and illegal squatter camps are also key factors for the high crime rate.

“Suspects take advantage of the bad roads and dark areas.

“Whenever they are chased, they run into the dark areas and to where they know the police cars cannot get to.

“The dark give thugs the freedom to commit crime without any interruption.

“All these things should be fixed.”

Mr Mhlongo said his committee intends to meet with Ms Flora Maboa-Boltman, executive mayor of Govan Mbeki Municipality, to discuss the poor infrastructure.

He urged residents to cooperate with the police and to inform them of any form of crime.


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