Stray livestock trouble Leandra residents

This cow was roaming the street of Leandra town and has an injured eye.

Roaming livestock have become a nuisance to Leandra residents who have to fix their fences and sprinklers all the time.

One woman said they have been trying to locate the owner of the cows that have become uncontrollable and are causing lots of damage in their yards.

“They eat my plants, damage my sprinklers and one day one nearly smashed my car window with a horn.”

She also complained of having to clean the cow dung in her yard.

Other residents in the same street blamed the municipality for not enforcing the by-laws.

The owner of the cows allegedly works for Govan Mbeki Municipality.

The newspaper tried to contact him several times, but he ignored the calls.

The livestock are also damaging graves and tombstones in the graveyard.

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Levhuwani Matumba

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