GMM buildings in Eendracht are seriously neglected

One of the open manholes where a tyre was used as a safety measure.

The state of the municipal buildings in Eendracht are appalling.

The ablution facilities at the registration and licence department, including the library, are also in a shameful state.

The toilet used by the licence department and the library staff does not flush and the other one is no longer working and water keeps running into the toilet bowl.

The door of the outside toilet that is used by the public and some of the staff members, is missing a handle.

One of the mobile toilets used a few years ago, is lying on the ground. Another toilet is used as an empty beer bottle storage.

Outside, sewage is overflowing and has begun to affect the walls of the buildings.

Open drains pose a danger to the people and a tyre was also used to try and close one of the manholes.

There is no fencing anymore, though there are security personnel employed.

Eendracht residents said they do not want the buildings to be closed, but urged the municipality to do something before it is too late.

“We pay for services like everybody else and now they are busy approving new stands in the area,” said the woman who further mentioned that the municipality does not care about Eendracht residents.

Eendracht also does not have street lights and most of their roads are gravel.

They also have only one sewer tank that is broken most of the time.

A number of the pensioners’ houses that belong to the municipality, but are neglected, with falling ceilings and non working geysers.

Residence do not have an office where they can pay their rates and taxes and have to travel to the Thusong offices in Leandra.

They also do not have a clinic of their own.

Govan Mbeki Municipality did not comment.

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Levhuwani Matumba

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