Highveld Regional Youth Choir wins gold in Rome, Italy

The Highveld Regional Choir won gold and silver at the Meeting Music Competition in Rome. Charmaine Mani, the female soloist in front received a special prize.

The Highveld Regional Youth Choir toured to Europe in July to compete in an international choir competition in Rome, Italy.

The choir, which consists mostly of local young people, once again showed that our local talent can easily compete on a world stage.

At the Meeting Music Competition and under the masterful conducting of Ms Trinka Combrinck, the choir received numerous awards, including a silver diploma for the mixed choir section, a gold diploma for the gospel section and a special prize for Charmaine Mani, the female soloist for the choir who is a learner from Evander.

The male soloist, Johan Viljoen, also performed exceptionally.

The choir was also invited to perform in the ancient Pantheon building, which was initially a pagan temple and was then turned into a Christian church.

Here they drew a massive crowd and the excellent acoustics of the old building with the domed ceiling, made this an unforgettable experience.

After their stellar performance in Rome, the choir went on to perform at a number of other events and concluded their tour with a trip to Austria and Germany.


Read the complete article in the Echo newspaper.


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Willemien Aukema

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