Calender for Good reminds you to be kind

Imagine if we all remembered every day to do a good deed – no matter how small – how wonderful a place our country would be.

That is what we all can achieve with the South African National Blood Service’s (SANBS) brand-new Calendar for Good application that is now available for download.

“Users of our app will receive a push notification every morning with a suggestion for how to make a world of difference to someone else’s day,” said Ms Silungile Mlambo, national marketing manager for the SANBS.

“It does not have to take much effort nor does it even have to cost anything, because the true value of any good deed is the thoughtfulness, the caring, behind it.

“So we are talking about simple gestures, such as complimenting someone, surprising someone with a chocolate, sharing snacks at work, inviting someone to exercise with you, or giving an old friend a call and reconnecting.”

Along with daily suggestions for making the world a better place, the SANBS Calendar for Good app will also encourage people to make a blood donation, another simple act of kindness, but one that actually saves lives, and notify users of SANBS activities in which they can participate.

“After all, when it comes to donating, it is not just donating blood. Each unit of blood donated can save three people’s lives.

“And what better deed can there possibly be than giving others – complete strangers – the gift of life?”

The SANBS Calendar for Good is downloadable for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Simply search for Calendar for Good and you will find it in no time.

“Go on, do it, and please tell others about it on your social networks using #calendarforgood too.

“The more of us doing good deeds, the better our world certainly will be, and of course, the more we can encourage people to make lifesaving blood donations.”



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Willemien Aukema

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