Benzi Ka-Soko calls for unity in the municipality

Mr Benzi Ka-Soko (chief of staff: Govan Mbeki Municipality) urges his comrades to unite.

Mr Benzi Ka-Soko, chief of staff of the Govan Mbeki Municipality, urged his ANC comrades to unite.

He has written an open letter to them in which he called for unity and peace so they can take the municipality further.

Mr Soko said people have different views on issues, but they must all have a common vision for this municipality to develop, prosper and achieve its developmental objectives for everyone.

“Whether we like it or not, we need one another as people of this area.

“We need one another’s wisdom in order to take this municipality to a new developmental trajectory which will be inherited by our children and their children’s children.

“Through this initiative of unity and peace, there should be no individuals who are more important than others, but we should treat one another with equal importance and equal respect.

“The current situation does not help anyone and makes a mockery of us all.”

Mr Soko said children are looking up to them to resolve this crisis as mature adults and they should not dare to fail them because history will judge all harshly.

“It is therefore against this background that I am calling upon everyone to join me in this endeavour.

“I will be facilitating positive negotiation sessions to find common, sustainable and workable solutions for whatever differences there may exist across the spectrum.

“Let us engage, engage and engage until we reach a common understanding.

“We must listen to each other and be prepared to be mutually persuaded.”

Mr Soko said the ongoing wars in the world today are as result of leaders who do not listen and are not prepared to be mutually persuaded.


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