Unexplained addictions that left us going WTH!

MOST PEOPLE have an addiction, whether it be their cell phone, cigarettes, or maybe even alcohol.

According to Psychology Today, an addiction is basically a condition in which a person either engages in an activity or ingests a substance that may be pleasurable for a while, before it reaches either a continuous or compulsive stage.

This may then interfere with a person’s health as well as their personal and professional relationships.

In some cases, people don’t realise that they’ve formed an addiction and it often becomes problematic with the people around them or themselves.

Aside from the typical drug addiction, shop-a-holics, gamblers and internet addicts, there have been some really strange addictions that will leave you completely baffled when you see them:

• Urine  – Yes, you read correctly. A woman is known for drinking her own urine.

• Plastic surgery – People become so obsessed after one surgery and go on and on trying to morph themselves into living dolls.

• Bee stings – There are people out there that generally love being stung by bees. Why? We have no clue. Perhaps there’s some sort of weird pain or pleasure concept behind it.

• Mattresses – These aren’t people that are addicted to sleeping on their mattress, but rather to eating it!

• Ashes – Thought you and your partner were close, not as close as a woman who has her husband’s remains literally inside her. The woman is addicted to eating the ashes of her deceased husband. What a way to become one with your significant other.

To see the full list of the weirdest and mind-boggling addictions, see 23 Unforgettable Moments From “My Strange Addiction”.

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