Bad driving: 5 annoying habits – are you guilty?


IN my experience on the roads, these are the five things that irritate and annoy me the most.

1. Overtaking when it’s both illegal and totally unnecessary – with no real advantage gained. In other words, you risk your life and someone else’s only for everyone to reach the traffic light at the same time! Why? What’s the point.

2. Tail-gating. It’s rush hour traffic and/or you’re driving on a twisting, bending road with blind corners, and the oke behind you insists on trying to clean your exhaust pipe with his front fender. Again, why? You are not going to get there any faster.

3. Don’t stop suddenly to pick up pedestrians. Seriously, there are proper bus stops and the like for this. You may be able to avoid the vehicles coming up behind, but others aren’t always able to do so. Don’t do it.

4. Don’t hoot at me when I’m a nanosecond slow to get moving when the light turns green. You may be riding your clutch to the point that it’s begging for mercy, but I’m not.

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5. Don’t crawl in the fast lane, or speed in the slow lane. That’s ill-advised. Get out of the way of faster moving vehicles.


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