Do’s and don’ts when moving in with your partner

For every couple in love, the thought of moving in together is exciting, however, there’s a lot that is required for the ship to sail smoothly. Love require sacrifices, maturity and compromise.


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Set ground rules to avoid doing things that lead to frustrations, disagreements and confusion. Unless someone knows exactly how you schedule and plan your things, there’s no way they can tell or know how you prefer to get things done.

Be sure of your decision – moving in with someone is no child’s play. Do not let the excitement overcloud your judgement and perspective. Make sure you come to terms and agreement with your spouse. Communication is the key.

Consider your independence-  Moving in with someone you love is inexorable, but always be consider your independence. Moving in with someone might actually mean that you will have no personal space, none whatsoever.

Joint decisions – Staying with someone means that there will be no me and mine. Every move and decision must be done together, with full acceptance and support.

Be prepared to see his/her not so nice side – everyone has different sides and that side they publicly display to prove kindness and contentment. When you live with someone be prepared to see different sides and moods of your spouse, be considerate enough to know that everyone has bad days and intrapersonal conflicts.

Split household chores – obviously there are chores that men are not more likely not to be able to do but there has to be things that he can do to help out. For example if a lady cooks then the guy can chop the veggies or help with the dishes.

Learn to forgive – its assumed that when you love someone it’s easier to forgive them, but that’s not always the case with everyone. Always remember that forgiveness is for your own peace of mind, do it for you.

Communicate – communication is the key. Expressing yourself reduces anger and pain. It helps to point out your likes and dislikes and knowing your partner’s as well.

Avoid insecurities – trust is built and learnt. Trust yourself enough to trust your boyfriend. Don’t jump or create your own conclusion, and always remember that when you look for something you always find it even when it’s not there.

Talk about money – talk about finance and discuss what needs to be done with it. Discuss each other’s needs and wants and spend money wisely to avoid pin pointing at each other.

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