Motorcyclists in ICU after accident between Leandra and Kinross last night

Two motorcycles and a car were involved in an accident on the road between Leandra and Kinross on Sunday, 10 September at about 7pm.

According to ER24, all three patients were transported to Highveld Mediclinic.

The driver of the car has apparently been discharged with minor injuries.

According to information received, both motorcyclists are in the intensive care unit with serious injuries and one motorcyclist was transported to a hospital in Johannesburg by helicopter.

The cause of the accident is still unclear and will be investigated.

According to Langamed Services South both motorcyclists were stabilised on scene and after further investigation at hospital more serious injuries were discovered.

ER24 transported the driver of the car and one of the motorcyclists and Langamed Services South transported the other motorcyclist.


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