AA OCEAN WENDYS affordable wendy houses all types of wood log cabin pallet wood knotty pine 3mx3m R4000 3mx4m R4700 3mx6m R7500 for more info Prince 079 153 3724 - TM001339

AA AUTO WENDY`S We do all types of Wendy`s from pallet wood, knotty pine & log cabin. Pallet wood prices: *2x2 =R3500 3x3 =R4000 3x4 = R4700 Contact:Luis 076 026 6307 - CF027521

AAA ALPHA WENDYS For quality, professional treated for waterproof & termites. Pallet wood prices: *2x2 =R3500 *3x3 =R4000 3x4 =R4700 Contact: Nick 072 410 3547 - CF027520